Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Concert Snipits

Today I decided to click on a couple of the millions of links I have bookmarked on my computer and I came across this one for yeastCulture. They're a creative agency based in London that produces music videos, commercials, visuals- things of that nature. They concentrate on their work meeting between film, sound and art. Their website is really amazing and has a really diverse catalogue of work. The reason that I know who they are is because I had gone to see Jamie Cullum like 2 years ago (?) and they did all the graphics and movies during his show. Please check out all the stuff they did for him under his name. My personal favorite from these is "Fascinating Rhythm". Also check out the music video they did for his song "Photograph" which I always forget how much I really love until I haven't listened to it in a while. yeastCulture really made that concert memorable and I just had to seek them out afterwards to check out the rest of their work. It's always a treat to rediscover them.

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