Thursday, March 5, 2009

Current Obsession

Oh my goodness. I can't even tell you how completely obsessed I am with this music theater from UNStudio. First off, there's nothing I love more- want to DO more than design these spaces. This is what I did for my thesis and I can't get enough of these buildings. When I saw this Mumuth Theater in Graz, Austria my heart went a pitter-patter. The theater itself in the building is a "black box" or basically a blank canvas to the artist. However, the public spaces are a series of movement based volumes. Essentially, a sculpture in a box. The auditorium can seat up to 450 people, so relatively small but makes a wonderful intimate setting with the artist. I had a really hard time finding pictures of the actual performance space but check out this website if you want to see loads more pictures. I really wish this firm wasn't located in Amsterdam because I would jump at the chance to work there. Everything is so bold and vibrant. Oh, it's love.

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