Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to the 60's

Everything around me has been very 1960's inspired lately: I just went to go see Taking Woodstock, I'm in love with Man Men. I've been completely obsessed with it for a while now and I think if you're not watching it, you're just foolish! It's one of the best shows around. Want to hop into your 60's self at Sterling Cooper? Man Men-ify yourself here.

Then I started thinking of everything else I love from the 60's (or at least inspired by it) and the first thing I thought of was The Wonder Years. [Sigh] Kevin and Winnie are one of the best TV couples. Ever. Then there's the musical Hairspray. I saw it 3 times during its Broadway run and I'd be hard pressed to think of a musical that's more fun to see. Musically, the 60's were insane but one of my all-time favorites are the Beach Boys. (That's right, that's who I picked from the decade). They've always been a favorite of mine and when you're influencing the Beatles, well hey.

And of course (my favorite part) the design. I was going through everything 1960's at the MoMA trying to pick just one picture and I landed on the Dylan print by Milton Glaser. I've always loved this print but I just found out he's the same guy who did the I love New York logo and he also founded New York Magazine. That's really groovy in a totally far out way.

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  1. Ohh The Wonder Years!! That show was always on when i was lil!! Mad Men rules. I love outfits!