Sunday, September 27, 2009

Subject #20

This afternoon I went to go see Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (that new movie that's directed by and sort-of staring John Krasinski) and it was surprisingly really good. I'm so glad that he's come off his movie slump starting out this summer with Away We Go (LOVE) and now Hideous Men. The movie is pretty much his ex-girlfriend trying to figure out why all men just plain stink. The ending was a little huh? but overall, two thumbs up. I'd love to read the book now.


  1. Did you get to see John Krasinski?!

  2. I didn't... I went on Sunday and he was only there on Friday and Saturday nights and I couldn't go either night. It's OK though because I think I would have melted into a puddle. It wouldn't have been good.