Monday, February 23, 2009

I just can't wait for spring!

I'm tired of winter. We haven't really even gotten any snow in New York but I'm tired of walking around in the cold. The one thing that really makes me sad about living here is that I'm not really able to have any flowers to enjoy (even though it's almost unenviable that I'll end up killing them). All I have is a fire escape that's in the back of my building, in my bedroom that I always have the blinds drawn on and a couple of windows. So I thought, maybe I could just get a window bird feeder and enjoy the watching the birds at my window. But then again, they're all held up by suction cups and I'm not too sure how well that would support the pigeons. Would any other birds actually come to my feeder? Maybe I should get one and find out. Either way, I still want flowers and all of the spring-ness that goes along with them. I would love to fill up all these plain pots with fists full of tulips (my favorite!) Oh spring, can you come out to play?

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